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Why Go PaperlessWhy Go PaperlessGo Paperless At HomeEver feel like you are drowning in paper? It comes through the mail or delivered straight to your porch in the form of a newspaper. It fills your children's backpacks. It sits on the desk, waiting to be dealt with, or filed. The towers of papers make us yearn to go paperless.

Why go paperless at home? Learn the ins and outs of going paperless and what you should keep a paper copy of!

First of all, why go paperless at home?

Individual reasons will differ but here are some of the top incentives

  • Environmental concerns – decrease the amount of paper going into a landfill and even getting created in the first place by reducing the demand
  • Reduce clutter – papers can pile up and be a headache. So many things to deal with. If you decrease the paper there is less hassle and “clutter” in your home and your mind
  • Be better organized – If you aren't good at filing and organizing your papers it may not matter if you keep a document, you'll probably never be able to find it. There are tools online that will help you be more organized with a minimum of effort.
  • Be more efficient when finding documents.  You will be able to find your personal documents with a search, similarly to how you use google to find websites.
  • Save money – no need to buy reams of paper, notebooks or binders
  • Fewer paper cuts!

Be sure as you convert important documents to paper that you:

  • Have a backup of your digital files
  • Have a local copy of important files and information in case of a power outage.

What to keep a paper copy of

  • Tax records the government requires you to keep on hand. Keep digital files of these forever though.
  • Legal documents such as wills, trusts, titles, birth, marriage and divorce certificates and other legal documents. Keep a digital copy of these as well. They will be easy to find for reference and can be available anywhere you are.
  • Any document with a raised seal or that has been notarized.

What are your top reasons for wanting to go paperless at home? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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