Where Are You? Course Corrections On The Path To Your Life Vision

Once you have a life vision, the next step is to assess where you are. In a previous article we covered several ways to create a life vision. Determining where you are in relation to the vision of life you want  is necessary. Only by knowing where you are in relation to what you want can you begin to make the course corrections necessary to reach your life vision.

Review Your Life Vision

How Close Are You To That vision in the following areas. List a number from 1-10 for how close or how far you are from the vision you have, 1 being really far from what you want and 10 being really close.

Start with these general areas:

Career – How do you envision yourself earning an income? Is your current job similar to this vision

Relationships – What type of romantic relationships do you want? How do you want to relate to your kids and friends? Are your current relationships like this life vision?

Financial – What do your ideal finances look like? How close or far or you from this vision?

Home life – What type of home, decor, or environment would be perfect for your life vision? How close is your current situation to your goal? 

Activities – How would you spend your free time and are you currently close to that vision?

Now think about what your vision is each each of these areas and where you are now. What needs to change to bring the reality closer to your life vision?

It may feel like there is a huge gulf between the two. Just start brainstorming ways to get to that ultimate goal. They don't need to be realistic, just write down all of your ideas.

Once you have done that for each area go back and choose one small change you can make today to make progress towards your vision. 

I seek to love and enjoy life, not just for a moment but the whole journey. My mission is to help you love and enjoy life too.

I’ve been stressed out, burned out, and hopeless and I clawed my way out of that place and now have the life I always wanted.

I see other busy women (like you) living the same busy pattern and my goal is to guide you on the path to enjoying and loving life.

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