Personal Goal Setting To Improve Your Life

Use Personal Goal Setting To Improve Your Life

Recently we learned how to take a yearly review and why you should do one at the end of each year. Today let's take the next step and use the yearly review to do personal goal setting.

Use personal goal setting to design your life

Can you envision the life you want? What does it include, who do you see with you, and how do you spend your day?

The first step to using personal goal setting to improve your life is to know what you want. If you aren't really sure what you want start by creating a life vision.

Have you created a life vision that is focused on the areas you value most? Spend a few minutes imagining yourself in the life vision you've created. How does it feel? Are you happy or do you feel stressed?

If you have a life vision to make a lot of money but in your mind that means a high stress job that leaves you unhappy you need to tweak your vision. Is it a lot of money you really want, the high powered job or is it something else that you believe money will buy you?

Once you've created a life vision that feels right let's move on to the personal goal setting.

Create Your Goals

Now it's time to determine what goals will bring about your life vision. Examine what you want and determine how to create a goal that will work for you. Look back at your yearly review to appreciate last year's accomplishments and help determine what is achievable for the next year.

Focus on creating goals that you will enjoy and can sustain. Making a goal to do something you hate is dooming yourself to failure. Find a way to create it using something you like.

For example, if you want to be healthy but hate to exercise don't set exercising as a goal. If you enjoy walking, dancing, or getting together with friends use these activities to help you be healthier. Set a goal to walk every morning, or dance while you cook dinner, or maybe the goal is to get together with friends once/month to plan and prepare healthy meals.

If you need to receive a promotion to achieve your life vision start by examining the job you want. What characteristics does a person in that position have? What time do they show up for work, what do they do with their time at work, and how do they relate to others? Choose a few of these things for your career goals.

Maybe a personal goal would be getting to work by 8 am every day rather than showing up sometime between 8 and 9, making it hard for others to know when you will arrive and depend on you. Possibly dressing a bit nicer or taking on more responsibility are some of the areas where you can make improvements.

How can you improve your life with personal goal setting this year?

I seek to love and enjoy life, not just for a moment but the whole journey. My mission is to help you love and enjoy life too.

I’ve been stressed out, burned out, and hopeless and I clawed my way out of that place and now have the life I always wanted.

I see other busy women (like you) living the same busy pattern and my goal is to guide you on the path to enjoying and loving life.

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