Use all 5 Senses For A More Relaxing Bath

A bath can be the best way to relax and get away. We all need time to recharge. When you are in the bath, the family knows that they should leave you alone (if they don't, set that rule today). This article will focus on how you can use all 5 senses to take a more relaxing bath.

A Sight To Behold

  • Our sense of sight helps to set the mood. Make sure your bathroom is picked up and clean. If there is a mess you won't be able to relax no matter how many other tips you use. Note – you could try just closing the bathroom curtain on your mess, but you'll still know it is there so it won't be as effective as you hoped.
  • Bring spa-like qualities to your bathroom
    • Fluffy towels and bathrobes that await you when you are done will bring a smile to your face and make your bathroom feel like a spa.
    • Plants are a great addition to a bathroom to achieve a spa feel, choose some that will do double-duty and clean the air
  • Lighting is crucial to a relaxing bath
    • Turn down the lights with a dimmer or turn them off entirely
    • Use candles to create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere
      • Warning – lighting a lot of candles in a closed bathroom can result in smoke marks on your walls (I know from experience). Instead light one real candle and then use led candles to get the effect you desire.

Relax Your Mind Through Your Hearing

  • Put on some relaxing music. I started a Pandora station with music by Enya and this is the most played item while I take a relaxing bath. What is the music you prefer to relax with. Share your favorites in the comments.
  • Nature Sounds – aside from music the sounds of nature are very soothing. Listen to crashing waves, rain, crickets, a campfire or any other sound you prefer. 
    • iOS apps like Easy Relax are great for this 
    • or this great Pandora Nature Sounds station I just found!
  • Meditation – you certainly can meditate in silence but I generally prefer to listen to a guided meditation or at least some binaural beats. 
    • For guided meditations I listen to Silva programs as I like how they teach you to form your own meditations and program your mind.
    • For binaural beats, try Omharmonics (also a great accompaniment to Silva programs)

Soothe Your Sense Of Smell

  • Aromatherapy
    • Lavender will relax and calm you. It is a must in every bath I take.
    • Chamomile is not only calming in your tea, it is also a great essential oil to add to your water for a more relaxing bath.
    • Ylang Ylang or Jasmine are great if you aren't going straight to bed afterward. They both have aphrodisiac qualities and can be invigorating. These two oils are good for dry skin and can be used together.
    • Click To Learn More About Essential Oils

A Spa Experience Through Sensation

  • Epsom salts are a great additive for baths. Add 1-2 cups to your bath water. Epsom salts will give you a great magnesium boost and can help with pain, fatigue, relaxation, stress, and even digestion issues. Learn more about the health benefits of epsom salt baths.
  • silky skin
  • Wear a face mask for extra pampering. Be sure to wash it off thoroughly when you are done.

Relax Your Sense Of Taste

  • Bring a nice hot cup of tea, glass of wine or other treat to enjoy while you bath an relax.
  • A few nice pieces of dark chocolate would be a lovely treat while you bathe.
  • Consider enjoying a nice glass of wine.

Click To Learn More About Essential Oils

What are your best tips for a relaxing bath? Share them with us in the comments below.

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