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Even weeks/months later, I continue to have relief from the memory. Such a Blessing to my daily functioning!!! Having been through traditional and non-traditional forms of therapy for over 25 years, Faster EFT is the fastest way to achieve personal relief from negative events and life stressors. I cannot recommend enough that you try it and see for yourself!

If you are ready to shift, and take responsibility for your life, this will really aid you. Being honest about how you are feeling and what is coming up for you are all things you can tap on. Lori is really gifted in being able to zero on issues, and break them up to manageable pieces to work with. She is very good at skillfully managing your past issues and tapping while helping you clear them and keeping you in present time. -Owner of Present Moment Bodywork, Massage Therapist and Energy Medicine Advanced Practicioner
Danielle Seib

Lori is kind. She guided me through the process well. I felt comfortable sharing with her. The results were immediate and not a pie in the sky or wait and see. I saw results in my first session
Kamille Ewan