Week In Review – Dr. Cleaner For Your Mac & New Orleans Trip! July 8-16 2015

July 8-16th Week In Review including Dr. Cleaner for your Mac & our trip to New Orleans Apps: Dr. Cleaner Periscope & Switching Internet Providers (to save your Periscope videos) IFTTT Do – App & Evernote Do Recipes Moments App (from Facebook…again) Book: Throne Of Glass   New Orleans Trip: Guides: Trip Advisor Downloaded city […]

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Week In Review – June 26th – July 7th 2015

Why is this Week In Review so late there is an extra 1/2 week included? Because I lost a crucial piece for my video making, the piece to hold my iPhone and avoid shaky camera syndrome. Well, it disappeared and I finally had to do this video and deal with the shaky camera (because I’m […]

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Group Travel Prep and More in This Week in Review June 19 – 25th

Quick travel turnaround This was actually kind of a challenge because our dryer has no heating element. I end up putting the clothes through on the longest cycle to “air fluff” I guess and then lay them out a bit to finish the drying process. It’s been a few months and it’s getting old. We […]

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