Love vs Hate (30 Days Of Love)

Have you made a choice? Love vs Hate. Often we don’t consciously make this choice, but we should. I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.  It can be easy to pack away some hate and carry it around with us everywhere we go. […]

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Focus On Why (30 Days Of Love)

Today’s 30 Days of Love topic is unplanned, but inspired by events that occurred yesterday. I propose that we focus on why we are doing an activity (love perhaps?). Keeping this focus rather than allowing ourselves to fall into frustration or anger over a small annoyance will result in more love in our lives (and […]

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Better Loving Yourself (30 Days Of Love)

Today is Day 6 in our 30 Days Of Love series and we will focus on better loving yourself. Often we focus more on others than ourselves. If you love yourself first you will find you have more love for others. You will also set a better example for all of those around you to […]

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