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Stop Working When It’s Time to Stop For Yourself And Your Family

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Stop Working When It’s Time to Stop For Yourself And Your Family Sometimes at the end of the day at work, I’m in the zone. You know how it is, everything is moving along, you are getting a lot done and it’s time to stop working and go home. But you think, just a few more […]

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Handling Emotional Overload

Handling Emotional Overload By: Lori Thayer Ever had your emotions totally take over?  All of the sudden the emotion wells up and you can’t contain it (or barely are hanging on by a thread). The emotion could be fear, anger, or sadness. What other emotions cause overload in you?  Have you ever been out in […]

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Priorities For Better Time Management

Do you want better time management? Are there so many things to do that you don’t spend enough time on a task and then are unhappy with the result?  The issue may not be the number of hours in the day.  You may just need to consider your priorities when deciding how to spend your […]

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Need Gift Ideas for Mom on Mothers Day 2011?  This is the day to step back and fully appreciate your Mother and all she has done for you.  Appreciate her with a gift that will make her feel loved. A good way to do this is to consider what is her Love Language.  Author Gary Chapman […]

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Quality Time At The Family Dinner Table

Want more quality time with your family? Are you feeling disconnected? Do you feel like you don’t know what is going on with you kids or spouse?   How do you even start to change this, to get the family working as a unit again? The dinner table is a great place to start.  Push that […]

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