Are You Afraid You’re Not A Good Mom?

You know those moments…the moments of doubt. When your child is mad, sad, angry or frustrated and you feel it. That sure feeling, that you are the worst Mom out there. Everyone else seems to know what to do. Their kids don’t hate them…why is it so hard for you? Why are you not a […]

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Why My Focus Is On Helping Busy Moms

Busy Moms are always on the go…running after kids, getting them fed, ready, to school or an activity then off to work, cooking, paying bills, doing laundry and so much more. We often feel like we have to do it all, the burden is all on us. This, right here is why my focus is […]

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Kids’ Chores, What Do Kids Learn By Helping Out

Kids’ Chores, What Do Kids Learn By Helping Out By: Lori Thayer Chores for kids, should they be helping out?  If you ask them they would definitely say no. But, kids learn important lessons by having regular responsibilities around the house.   Think back to when you were a kid. What were your responsibilities at […]

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