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Busy Moms Ultimate Guide

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Via healthymomsmagazine.net It’s 2016 and families are busier than ever. Even though we wake up early we still rush to get the kids ready for school in the morning and ourselves ready for work or our daily tasks. The day flies by and before we know it, it’s time to pick the kids up from […]

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5 Reasons You Want To Follow Me…Or Not

5 Reasons You Want To Follow Me...Or Not

I’ll give you 5 reasons you want to follow me (or not). Because if you aren’t interested in what I talk about or share please save your time for something you do care about! I’m all about optimizing my time so I can love and enjoy life more and I want the same for you. […]

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Women In Leadership Roles – Why Aren’t There More?

I recently read the book, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. The author highlights the lack of women in leadership roles, and asks, why hasn’t this changed in the last 50 years? This is a very thought provoking book for women in leadership roles. The author doesn’t talk specifically about women entrepreneurs, or even my favorite […]

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Create A Cohesive Social Media Presence with SocialOomph

Social Media can bring a lot of visitors to your website. Is your social media presence clear and cohesive? When someone visits your Facebook fan page, can they tell what you are about. If your visitor can’t tell what your “mission” is within 10 seconds what incentive do they have to stay on your website? Your […]

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How Optimizing Helped Me Easily Recover From A Computer Crash

Recently I’ve been having trouble with my MacBook Pro. The memory would begin to increase and eventually I could not even interact with it at all. I would actually have to do a hard reset. This is not good for your computer. I also was having trouble with my Time Machine backup. This backup takes […]

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Optimize Your Home – Create a Spring Cleaning Checklist

The birds are singing, there are buds on the trees…oh yes it is time for spring cleaning. Optimize your home with a spring cleaning checklist.  Start with someone else’s spring cleaning checklist This will give you a great starting spot if you aren’t sure what to do or what needs to be on your spring […]

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Shop Smart – Questions To Consider Before Making A Purchase

Shop Smart – Questions To Consider Before Making A Purchase Whether you love to shop or just find it a necessity of life you can decrease hassle in your life when you shop smart.  One way to shop smart is to ask yourself some questions before making a purchase. The answers to these questions will […]

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Find The Best Answers With Energy Testing

Find The Best Answers With Energy Testing By: Lori Thayer When you have questions where do you look for answers? There are so many options available these days, it can be really overwhelming. It was just last week I was at the grocery store staring at the amazing array of options and trying to figure out […]

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