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A Backup Story

How often do you change computers? Technology changes quickly on us. With new applications requiring more space and more processing power, we often need to upgrade our laptops and computers. During this process it can be easy to lose data. I want to share an entertaining story and a bit of a warning with you […]

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Designing A Collaborative Work Environment

To make the best of a difficult situation, in 2012, I took up the challenge to design a collaborative work environment at a new location we were moving to. My small company of 45 people was purchased by a much larger company in 2011. They planned to move us to a combined location with other […]

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Set Your Mindset For Success For The Coming Year

Have you set your mindset for success? I bet you are setting new goals and making plans for the coming year. I know I am. I have a lot I want to accomplish. In order to accomplish these dreams setting your mindset for success is key. What Is A Mindset For Success? The key to […]

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