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Complete a Daily Challenge To Build A Daily Happiness Habit [Part 3]

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Why complete a daily challenge? When you challenge yourself in any area of your life, you wind up growing. This is a key habit to cultivate to build a daily happiness habit. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone If you stick to just what you currently know with you just do the things you understand you excellent at, you […]

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A Backup Story

How often do you change computers? Technology changes quickly on us. With new applications requiring more space and more processing power, we often need to upgrade our laptops and computers. During this process it can be easy to lose data. I want to share an entertaining story and a bit of a warning with you […]

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Designing A Collaborative Work Environment

To make the best of a difficult situation, in 2012, I took up the challenge to design a collaborative work environment at a new location we were moving to. My small company of 45 people was purchased by a much larger company in 2011. They planned to move us to a combined location with other […]

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Set Your Mindset For Success For The Coming Year

Have you set your mindset for success? I bet you are setting new goals and making plans for the coming year. I know I am. I have a lot I want to accomplish. In order to accomplish these dreams setting your mindset for success is key. What Is A Mindset For Success? The key to […]

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Why Automate Social Media?

 Save time when you automate social media posts. Using social media to promote your own business or product is a great idea. However you may find it starts to take up a lot of your time. In this article we will discuss how automating your social media can help you be more efficient as a […]

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Simplify With Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper is a time saving tool. It will also help you get more organized and help you simplify your life. How is this possible from an application? Read on to find out more about this tool. What is Evernote Web Clipper? The Evernote web clipper is a way to save content easily from […]

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How To Scan Into Evernote With ScanSnap

How To Scan Into Evernote With ScanSnap Save time and get organized when you scan into Evernote with ScanSnap. Going paperless at home is a goal of mine. The ScanSnap is making that goal possible due to it’s speed when scanning documents. It can be a challenge to scan all of the old papers in […]

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Read Books To Improve Your Life

Are there things you want to change about your life? We all have areas we want to change or improve. Reading books is a sure fire way to increase your knowledge and improve your life. Arming yourself with knowledge makes these changes and improvements a lot easier. In today’s article we’ll discuss how to make […]

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