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Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide 2016

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It is so much fun to see what other people choose as stocking stuffer gifts.  Some of the items in this post are brand new to me. It’s fun to explore. I’m sharing the stocking stuffers from Jen at’s gift guide. She has a lot of great ideas but it you are like me […]

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2016 Extravagant Holiday Gifts Guide

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Once again I’m sharing the extravagant holiday gifts guide from Jen at because I really enjoy her videos and I think she puts together a great list. Please visit her site. I’ve added in where you can get these items on Amazon as well as Amazon alternatives if the recommended product isn’t there. You may […]

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Tips To Be A Stress Free Holiday Hostess

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  This past Thanksgiving I hosted the dinner. It had been about 7 years since I’ve planned and prepared the entire holiday meal (Christmas or Thanksgiving). Despite being out of practice and hosting a baby shower and a holiday party at my house the previous week, I was the most stress free holiday hostess I’ve […]

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Holiday Tips: Your Christmas Preparation Cheats

The holidays are a lot more fun when you leave your stress behind. In this article we’ll cover holiday tips to help with your Christmas preparation. Preparing For Christmas – Holiday tips to guide you through your Christmas prep, starting mid-November. Your Holiday Planning Budget for Gifts and Celebrations – Spend a few minutes making […]

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Planning For The Holidays: The Guests

Sail right through the Holidays with our guide to being a Holiday Host. Don’t let upcoming Holidays stress you out. Planning ahead will allow you to relax and sail right through the gathering.  This article will focus on your guests. We’ll cover creating the guest list, invitations, and special considerations pertaining to your guests. Future […]

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A Family Holiday With More Fun And Less Stress

  A family holiday is a great time to see our loved ones but it can be very stressful. Whether you are having family at your house or visiting them at theirs a lot of planning is often involved. Families bring us special bonds and additional stresses we don’t have with other people. The most […]

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Making Lefse from scratch

Lefse was a part of all Holiday celebrations as I grew up. Many of my family members are of Norwegian descent. Lefse is a Norwegian flatbread made from potatoes, rolled out thin and cooked on a griddle.  (We won’t talk about the Lutefisk tradition because I wouldn’t feed that to my worst enemy.  Although I have […]

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