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Household Arguments – How To Deal

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Whether it’s household arguments with the kids over eating their vegetables or arguing with your significant other about leaving dishes in the sink, disagreements are a natural part of any household. The trick to having a peaceful home, though, is through effectively handling household arguments—not avoiding them. Avoiding arguments is next to impossible, and doing so […]

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KonMari Method Clothing Purge

KonMari Method Clothing Purge Recently I’ve been learning about the KonMari method from Marie Kondo’s book: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and from watching her speak on various YouTube videos. I decided to do my own clothing purge as a start to using the KonMari method in my own life. In this video […]

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Love Your Home (30 Days Of Love)

Does your home feel like your own personal sanctuary? Maybe yes, maybe no or maybe you find some rooms feel that way but others don’t. If that is the case you may enjoy today’s article where we are going to talk about ways to love your home. I want my home to be a sanctuary […]

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Home Security & Your Kids

Home Security & Your Kids By: Anne Ellis  As a mother, there is no doubt that the most important thing to you is the safety and comfort of your children. Of course, there are endless things to worry about as a parent, but above all else you want to make sure that no harm ever comes […]

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Optimize Your Home – Create a Spring Cleaning Checklist

The birds are singing, there are buds on the trees…oh yes it is time for spring cleaning. Optimize your home with a spring cleaning checklist.  Start with someone else’s spring cleaning checklist This will give you a great starting spot if you aren’t sure what to do or what needs to be on your spring […]

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Reduce Waste at Home With 5 Simple Tips

Tired of lugging bag after bag of trash outside for trash day? Worried about all the waste being produced in the your community, state and even the world? Reduce waste at home with these 5 tips. You too can average 1 kitchen size bag of trash a week. I was startled when I realized a […]

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Product Review: Roomba The Robot Vacuum

Vacuuming while I sleep is one of my favorite activities. How do I do that you ask? The Seven Day Scheduling Robotic Vacuum (Roomba). The roomba is a robot vacuum that has been on the market for quite a few years. It prowls the room sucking up dirt, hair, fur and dust just like your […]

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Clean House With Family Help – Is It Possible?

Clean House With Family Help – Is It Possible? By: Lori Thayer Do you find yourself almost dreading walking in the door of your house? Are the household chores piling up? Spending a full day at work and then coming home to hours of housework is overwhelming.   How can we possibly be expected to do […]

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