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I Love A Rainy Night (30 Days Of Love)

I love a rainy night, I love sitting on my porch enjoying the sounds, sight and smell of the rain. In this 30 Days Of Love series, I am focusing more on the things I love and deliberately appreciating them more. During a walk it started to sprinkle and my husband and I enjoyed a […]

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Read Books To Improve Your Life

Are there things you want to change about your life? We all have areas we want to change or improve. Reading books is a sure fire way to increase your knowledge and improve your life. Arming yourself with knowledge makes these changes and improvements a lot easier. In today’s article we’ll discuss how to make […]

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Fall Family Traditions To Start Now

Fall Family Traditions To Start Now By: Lori Thayer Are you sad that summer is over or are you excited for fall? Fall is a really fun time of year as the leaves begin to change and the weather is comfortably cool. Many of us associate the end of summer with kids returning to school, […]

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