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Stay Sane During Busy Days By Disconnecting

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Are you finding it hard to stay sane during busy days? With the rise of email, cell phones and social media, we’ve become accustomed to being available to anyone and everyone at all times. There’s no denying the usefulness of this—particularly for parents, right? But when it comes to spending family time with children, or spending […]

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Five Healthy Family Meals (That Taste Great)

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We’ve all been there: Life gets busy and the hours in the day go by in a blur. You want to feed your family well, but you have no time to spend hours in the kitchen. How are you going to serve healthy family meals and avoid bringing home fast food for dinner? Luckily, you’ve got […]

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Mom Dreams: Have you ever wanted to close off a room you just cleaned? This Mom did it!

Moms, you know how it is…you spend hours preparing and cleaning for a holiday or event and then your kids come in and it’s messy again? I bet you’ve wanted to close off a room you just cleaned before. This Mom did! She taped off the living room and left a note for her kids. […]

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Household Arguments – How To Deal

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Whether it’s household arguments with the kids over eating their vegetables or arguing with your significant other about leaving dishes in the sink, disagreements are a natural part of any household. The trick to having a peaceful home, though, is through effectively handling household arguments—not avoiding them. Avoiding arguments is next to impossible, and doing so […]

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Cheyenne Frontier Days and More – Week In Review Mid July 2015

Week In Review –  July 16 – 22, 2015 Family trip to Cheyenne Frontier Days! We enjoyed seeing Blake Shelton in concert, visiting family, seeing the Old Fashioned Melodrama and the rodeo! And the CFD parade too! I found a big change this week due to the work I’ve been doing with FasterEFT, tune in […]

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Planning Ahead For Holiday Food

The Holidays often seem stressful as there are many events to attend and host. Planning ahead for holiday food when you are the Holiday Host will decrease the stress and allow you to enjoy this special time with friends and family. In our last article about planning for the holidays we discussed the guest list. […]

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Fall Family Traditions To Start Now

Fall Family Traditions To Start Now By: Lori Thayer Are you sad that summer is over or are you excited for fall? Fall is a really fun time of year as the leaves begin to change and the weather is comfortably cool. Many of us associate the end of summer with kids returning to school, […]

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Childhood Memories A lifetime journey

  Childhood Memories  A lifetime journey By: Angela Brooks Sitting in the school gym watching my son’s basketball game, the whistle blows loud over the crowds cheers. The conversation lowers as everyone is listening close to hear the referees call “Foul #23 whites ball” he screams to the crowd. Over the angry crowd you hear […]

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