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Cheyenne Frontier Days and More – Week In Review Mid July 2015

Week In Review –  July 16 – 22, 2015 Family trip to Cheyenne Frontier Days! We enjoyed seeing Blake Shelton in concert, visiting family, seeing the Old Fashioned Melodrama and the rodeo! And the CFD parade too! I found a big change this week due to the work I’ve been doing with FasterEFT, tune in […]

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Fall Family Traditions To Start Now

Fall Family Traditions To Start Now By: Lori Thayer Are you sad that summer is over or are you excited for fall? Fall is a really fun time of year as the leaves begin to change and the weather is comfortably cool. Many of us associate the end of summer with kids returning to school, […]

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Childhood Memories A lifetime journey

  Childhood Memories  A lifetime journey By: Angela Brooks Sitting in the school gym watching my son’s basketball game, the whistle blows loud over the crowds cheers. The conversation lowers as everyone is listening close to hear the referees call “Foul #23 whites ball” he screams to the crowd. Over the angry crowd you hear […]

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