Energy Profiling

Just what is Dressing Your Truth?

Don’t just wear the latest styles, dress yourself to match your true nature. Shopping will never be easier. Learn your beauty profile here. You can get 30% off until Dec 7th!

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Use Energy Profiling to better understand your spouse

I really enjoyed this video. I am a Type 4 like Mark and I relate so well to what he has to say. My husband has a lot of type 1 in him although I don’t think it is his dominant. Using a tool like energy profiling to better understand and relate to your spouse […]

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Be Your Best Dressed with Dressing Your Truth

Recently I came across the Dressing Your Truth program when they featured Robin Openshaw from Green Smoothie Girl.  The creator of this program, Carol Tuttle, has identified 4 Engery Type Categories that we fall into based on physical features, behavior tendencies and body language.  Based on your type Carol teaches you to be your best […]

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