Sick and Bored, What To Do?

by Lori

It's frustrating being sick. If you can't sleep but have to rest what do you do?  For the first few hours it may be fun but after that it is just boring.  How do we keep the mind busy while the body rests? For a lucky few this isn't a problem.  They are able to sleep and heal.  Sleep is a struggle for many of the rest of us though and those hours in bed or on the couch get very long. Whether you are a child or an adult there are lots of options though.  Some you may not be able to do depending on the illness you have.  Here a few ideas:

  1. OnlineSick Man on Couch, Bored
    1. Play games (scrabble anyone?)
    2. Make playlists
    3. Organize your iTunes Library
    4. Tag your Photos
    5. Create Photo Albums
    6. Make gifts (i.e. photo albums)
    7. Start a blog
    8. IM with friends
    9. Meal plan (look up new recipes)
    10. Decorate your house (there are lots of websites with software that lets you play with room layouts and colors.
    11. Clear out your email inbox
    12. Listen to a book or podcast (your library probably has lots of audio books you can listen to online)
  2. With another person (offline)
    1. Playing Cards
    2. Checkers
    3. tell stories
    4. sing songs
  3. On your own (offline)
    1. Read a book
    2. Listen to an audiobook (on your ipod or cd)
    3. Listen to music
    4. Write in your journal (or start one)
    5. Write your memoirs (why not – we're all special!)
    6. Color (young or old I say coloring is therapuetic for the soul)
    7. Use your imagination – make up a story and imagine it being a movie
    8. Make a list of the places you want to vist
    9. Write down what you want for Christmas or your birthday
    10. Learn Origami

What are your best ideas for keeping busy when you have to rest?     Lori Thayer is passionate about finding ways to optimize life, from nutrition to exercise, savingmoney and improving relationships. She is excited to share these tips and tricks with others. Start optimizing your life with her FREE article "5 Easy Habits To Improve Your Health".  Sign up now in the upper right corner of this page.

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Lori Thayer is passionate about finding ways to optimize life. As a step-mom of two teenagers, a full-time software tester and a momprenuer she knows how busy life can be. She is dedicated to finding ways to be more efficient and find tools to optimize life so that she can spend more time enjoying life with her family. She loves to hike, camp, read, learn about energy, wellness and online marketing as well as singing karaoke with her husband on the xbox at home.

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  • natasha roesch

    Great ideas. Even when you are not sick and it’s snowing outside.

  • http://firebutterflyjewels.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    I usually watch tv and just try to relax! My son (who is 3) had the flu the is past weekend! We just hung out together and let him sleep!

    • http://lorithayer.com Lori Thayer

      Also a very good choice. When I have shows to catch up on it is nice to watch for a bit but TV tends to get old fast for me. :)

  • http://wouldliketobeayummymummy.blogspot.com would like to be a yummy mummy

    Blogging is definitely keeping me busy! Found you through hop along tuesday. Great blog. Please check out mine too at http://wouldliketobeayummymummy.blogspot.com

  • Karima Heraoua

    Thanks for following, i am now google following you. Karima
    http://www.karimascrafts.com and http://www.karimasblogs.blogspot.com

  • http://lorithayer.com Lori Thayer

    A friend of mine made this comment to me off-line about this post. I thought it was pretty funny.
    “You’re the only person out there who would find a way of turning being sick into a productive, positive activity”

  • Karima Heraoua

    Hi, I have given you a ‘Versatile Blogger Award’. This was given to me and I am passing it on to you. Check my latest blog post for information on what this is. http://www.karimasblogs.blogspot.com Hope you can join in the fun, Karima.

  • What to do when your bored

    When m feeling bored. I like to play games.

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