Secret Trick To Help Diffuse Your Upset Child

by Lori

Secret Trick To Help Diffuse Your Upset Child

By: Lori Thayer

Does your child get stuck in a run where they are so upset and they just can’t seem to get past it? I see this often in our youngest. Thirty minutes ago I decided to try something new to see if I could diffuse the situation. This secret trick can help diffuse your upset child.

Surrogate tapping, or EFT, is a way to tap into the body’s energetic system to breakthrough your blocks, or in this case, someone else’s blocks. There are a total of 8 spots you will tap on as you go through some basic statements that key into the issue or emotion you are trying to diffuse in your upset child.

Learn more about how I used EFT and surrogate tapping on my stepson in the video below.

Surrogate Tapping How To

  • Read this explanatory article. This is where the google search brought me.
  • See what the basics of EFT are on this website. Go to the What is EFT Tapping link and watch the video for a great demonstration. If you scroll down on that page there is also a diagram showing where the points are.

How could you use EFT to diffuse your upset child (or yourself)? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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