Formerly self-defined non-creative creates "Creative Picture"

Rethink Creativity

What is creativity? Have you always told yourself you weren't creative, only defining artists, writers and musicians as creative? Let's rethink creativity and explore how you and I are creative and don't even recognize it.

The USA Today article, The Brains Behind Creativity, published 08/27/2006, asks Neuroscientist Nancy Andreason, author of The Creating Brain, What is Ordinary Creativity? She answers:

Creativity is not limited to the masterpiece work of art but can be found in everyday tasks such as cooking or gardening, Andreasen says. A cook who changes a recipe or even makes one up using ingredients he or she has on hand is using the creative process to create novel taste sensations. A gardener who picks out colors and a pattern for a flower garden also is tapping into his or her creative potential, she says.

Many of us are creative in our daily lives yet don't give ourselves credit for it. Do you like to be creative with your cooking as the author mentions above? I know I like to start with a recipe, but then just add what I feel like and see what happens. Yet I spent years telling myself I wasn't creative. I've often described my entire family as not being creative either. They are all very left brain, logical folks.

This year I've seen signs over and over that I need to acknowledge my creativity. I'm not sure why this has been important but in doing a little reading and being open to changing my thinking I find there are lots ways that I'm creative and you will too.

If you don't think you are creative you may find your creativity leaks out in similar ways as mine, nevermind that you don't paint, draw or “create” as artists and artisans.

How your creativity might be displaying itself:

  • In your daily routine – do you look for ways to continually improve, that may be one of the ways you express your creativity.
  • Writing – do you enjoy blogging or journaling. The way you write an article or recall your day is tapping into your creativity.
  • Embracing new ideas – are you open to learning from others and can't seem to ever get enough information. All of this information allows your mind to continually ponder and reformulate in creative ways.
  • Do you enjoy scrapbooking, arranging digital photo albums, decorating beautiful spaces, or adjusting lighting? These may all be ways you have an outlet for your creativity.
  • Programming and creating code seems a logical task but there is a lot of creativity built into it as well as you are constantly designing the outcome through the code you write.
  • My husband brings creativity into his job as a teacher by relating present day situations to historical events to increase student interest and engagement.

When you rethink creativity in your life what do you find? If you've always considered yourself a very left-brained logical individual can you list 5 ways you display creativity in your regular tasks?

The real lesson in why we should rethink creativity is to stop trying to label ourselves (or others). Why should I even bother saying I'm not creative and someone else is. How does that help me in any way? Recognize and appreciate your abilities rather than limiting yourself in your thoughts and words.

Go out and create!

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