Quality Time At The Family Dinner Table

Quality Time At The Family Dinner Table

by Lori

Family Eating Together At Dinner Table

Want more quality time with your family? Are you feeling disconnected? Do you feel like you don't know what is going on with you kids or spouse?   How do you even start to change this, to get the family working as a unit again?

The dinner table is a great place to start.  Push that image of June Cleaver out of your mind, that isn't how it needs to be.  The important thing is the quality time spent with the family.  Studies show that kids who dine with their families are healthier, happier and better students.

Have the picture in your mind?  The whole family around the dinner table talking. Are you already doing this?   If not, why?  Start to think about how you can shift things, change schedules to make sure it happens…every night.  If dinner time is an impossibility what about breakfast?  Find a time that can work consistently so everyone in the family can come to depend on it.

This family time is an extremely important time for communicating with each other and teaching our kids.  Practicing good table manners is just a small part of it.  Read the list on this article from WebMD on 10 Benefits Of Family Dinners.

Not sure what to talk about?  Start with how your day was.  Share the ups and downs; a challenge and how it was resolved.  Have everyone take a turn telling about their day.  Have each person say one good and one bad thing that happened that day.  Use that information to expand the conversation and discuss how you or your kids handled those events.

Make this time special by setting the table and bringing all the food to the table.  Banish all cell phones and turn the tv off.  Consider lighting candles and putting on music, this sets a really nice mood and atmosphere.  The dinner table can be a great place for the family to come together and relax at the end of the day.


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