Are you ready to begin planning a family vacation? The kids will soon be out of school. It is time for the classic family vacation. What are your fondest memories of vacations growing up? Did you enjoy road trips with your siblings or swimming in the ocean?

What kind of memories do you want to give your kids? A family vacation doesn't have to be expensive. A simple road trip to a national park and some camping out is very inexpensive. The time spent together is what is most important.

Planning a family vacation: Deciding where to go

Try to plan a trip that everyone can enjoy.  How about tonight during dinner everyone can list 5 things that they would like to do on a family trip. Starting with the what rather than the where keeps the possibilities open. The kids are less likely to start arguing about the destination right off the bad.

Compile the list and start brainstorming about possible trips that would give everyone a chance to do something on their list of desired activities. Trim the list considering budget and time restrictions. When you've whittled it down to a few options have a family vote.

Getting the family involved in the decision will help everyone have a better trip. When everyone gets to do one of their own activities they will be more invested in the vacation and have a better time.

How to get there and where to stay

The next step is to determine where you are staying on this trip. This decision may or may not have been part of deciding where to go. It depends how specific everyone was during that part of the discussion.

Here are some options to consider:

Planning a family vacation: What to bring

The last step in planning the vacation is determining what to bring. Starting several weeks ahead of time is a good idea.  Have the kids start making a list of what they would like to bring, a few favorite toys and some books maybe.   Make lists of the necessary clothing items, toiletries and documentation needed. Try as a starting point for your list.  Tell them the type of vacation, time of year and several other factors and they will give you a packing list.

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