I adore reading, for the last 4 years since I started tracking, I've read over 200 books a year. It's just second nature to me, but not for everyone. Many people can't even fathom how to fit reading into their day! Want to learn how to read more? If so, keep reading…

How To Read More

Recently I stumbled across an article that will help you find ways to make reading easier for you, or at least more convenient.

Reading, in and of itself, is not a particularly difficult task: If you make it a goal to read more books, there’s not much you have to do besides pick one and settle in on a sofa somewhere.

The obvious problem, though, is finding the time. Becoming a more voracious reader by teaching yourself to read faster isn’t really an option, since research has shown that speed-reading doesn’t work — you can train your eyes to skim over the words faster, but you absorb less of what’s on the page. The only thing to do, then, is figure out how to clear out the time in your schedule.

The trick is to arrange things so that reading isn’t just easy, but easier than pretty much any other sedentary leisure activity. Allan, for instance, moved the TV to a different room, and kept his phone out of arm’s reach when he was sitting in bed (“Now there are only a few things I can do in my room: I can read, listen to music, or sleep”). If the thought of getting up to turn off the bedroom light once you’re done just seems like too much effort, get a bedside lamp. If you’re a person that constantly misplaces things, designate a specific spot to leave your book when you’re not reading it, so you don’t have to go through the effort of poking around your apartment.

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