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How To Dictate Into Evernote From Your iPhone

Recently, I was out on a walk and I had a brainstorm. But what do, I don't want to lose that great idea? While out walking I don't have pen and paper. And while I can type on a phone while walking it's really not much fun.  So I decided to dictate my note and I can dictate into Evernote, Nirvana.

To dictate into Evernote, you simply use the microphone on the keyboard after you open a blank in Evernote.  As you speak, your iPhone uses it's dictation ability and syncs with the iOS servers to translate your words into text. This will work best when you have access to WIFI or a strong cellular data signal.

What if you don't see the microphone?

I'll show you how to make that change in this video. It's super easy and will increase your productivity.

Dictation into Evernote shines for short text. For longer notes you may have to restart the microphone multiple times.

I've enjoyed this feature for quite a while, but on one of the many iOS updates it was turned off. Finally I had around to re-enabling it and I have been loving it again.

How dictating into Evernote saves you time

How fast do you type on your computer?  most of us type around 40 to 50 words per minute. On an iPhone, it's even less, about 20 to 30 words per minute.

By we speak about 160 words per minute. So even if we speak slower, using dictation we are still beating our typing time.

How much more could you get done dictating rather than typing?

I hope this information and how you can dictate into Evernote helps you become more productive just as it has for me.

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How To Dictate A Note Into Evernote

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