Holiday Tips: Your Christmas Preparation Cheats

by Lori

The holidays are a lot more fun when you leave your stress behind. In this article we’ll cover holiday tips to help with your Christmas preparation.

Preparing For Christmas – Holiday tips to guide you through your Christmas prep, starting mid-November.

Your Holiday Planning Budget for Gifts and Celebrations – Spend a few minutes making a plan for your Christmas spending and avoid the January debt woes. Decide ahead of time who you will purchase gifts for, who you will make gifts for and how much you will spend. If you are planning a holiday feast or some special events include those in your budget too.

A Family Holiday With More Fun And Less Stress – Preparation is the key to a stress-free holiday. This article will give you tips to enjoy the time you spend with your family more by being prepared.

Ideas for Homemade Christmas Gifts – Homemade gifts are a great option for those you love as well as co-workers and neighbors. So many of us have more stuff than we need. Consumable items made with your own hands show extra thought and care and are something that can be used and enjoyed.

Christmas Gift Ideas – More holiday tips for gift buying. Throughout the year as you learn of things your friends and family would enjoy as a gift write them down. I keep my notes of this nature in Evernote.

Share your best holiday tips in the comments below. Looking for more tips, watch for our next article on planning for the holiday including decorations, food, guest lists and more.

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