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Healthy Home: 10 Tips to Freshening The Air in Your Home

By: Lori Thayer

Home is where the heart is. Sometimes it gets a bit stuffy though. Every once in a while it seems the air in the house is stagnant and not very fresh. No wonder with all the chemicals we get from the fabrics, paint and furniture that is in our houses. With spring here it is time to freshen the air in your healthy home.

  1. Clean out the vents – you can dust and clean out the tops of the vents yourself or pay for a “duct cleaner” to do a professional cleaning.  
  2. Dust – Thoroughly dust all surfaces, window sills, ceiling fan blades and baseboards.  Dust your plants too, wiping down the leaves will leave them and you healthier. Note: The brush attachment to the nozzle on your vacuum can make this really easy.
  3. Vacuum – Thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs.  It's time to move the furniture and get underneath as well. Go over each section a few times. You may also want to assess whether your vacuum cleaning is doing a good job.  Note: You may need to clean out the brushes on the bottom to improve the vacuum's performance.
  4. Use White Vinegar to clean your floors.  White vinegar is a natural deodorizer.  
  5. Set out some baking soda.  Baking Soda is regularly kept in most people's refrigerators to absorb odors.  Set some out in various rooms in your home to do the same job!  Make this a beautiful addition to the room by putting the soda in a decorative container.
  6. Use indoor plants to clean the air.  There are quite a few plants that can help clean the toxins from your air all year long.  All you have to do is water them regularly, what a bargain.
  7. Use indoor herbs and flowers to add wonderful, natural scents to the air
  8. Clean the sheets, bedding, blankets, and pet beds.  Sheets generally are cleaned quite often but bedding blankets and pet beds need regular cleaning too.  Clean these items quarterly.
  9. Open the windows.  Let in a fresh breeze to clear the stagnant air and push the polluted air out.  Be sure to open at least one window on each side of the house to get the breeze blowing through house to really get air moving.  Note:  Opening a few windows at night is a great way to clean out the air while you sleep.  Bonus: The cooler air might even make you sleep better.
  10. Use Thieves or another non-chemical freshener to clean your air.

How are you making your home healthier this year?  Share your tips in the comments below.

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