Feel Stronger By Changing Your Body Language

by Lori

Feel Stronger By Changing Your Body Language

By: Lori Thayer

Can you actually feel stronger by changing your body language? I’m not talking about physical strength, but about emotional and mental strength. Research is indicating that holding a power pose for 2 minutes can actually change the levels of hormones in your body and make you feel stronger.

Watch the video for more details

I found this video fascinating. We’ve all heard about the “fake it til you make it” philosophy but I certainly would have thought about using it to feel stronger. Holding your body in a certain way actually changes your physiology and change the way you are perceived by others.

What are the power poses?

  • Stand straight and raise your arms and hands into the air in a “V” like you are exultant.
  • Stand straight and place your hands on your hips like Wonder Woman.
  • When sitting in a chair put your feet up on the desk, lean back and thread your fingers together and place them behind your head.

How can you use this information?

  • Hold a power pose in the morning before you start your day. You will feel more capable and ready to tackle whatever you need to do.
  • Hold a power pose before a meeting you need to run or participate in.
  • Hold a power pose before an important phone call you need to make.
  • Hold a power pose before a performance, sports, music, or any other kind.
  • Hold a power pose before going into an interview.

What have you got to lose? Try a power pose during your day today and report back about how it made you feel.

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