Feather Hair Accessories

Feather Hair Accessories

by Lori

Have you been hearing a lot about feather hair accessories lately?  Feathers seems to be a popularHair Extensions trend right now.  A headband with feathers or a hair clip or even a feather extension to add to your hair.  Etsy has quite a few options for hair extensions on their site. I particularly like this blue feather peacock headband.

A neighbor of mine has a business selling the feathers for hair extensions online.  I visited her to see all the colors and try some out for myself.  I got individual feathers in pink, purple, red and green. (variety is the spice of life!) There are quite a few color options available.

These feather extensions can be installed at home by yourself.  I put 2 pink and 2 purple feathers in my hair on my own the other night.  There are instructions on how to do this on the Feather Extensions for Hair site.


Feather Hair Extensions  It was pretty easy to do it on my own.  I suggest having another person to help would make it much easier to get the extensions installed just right.  I put one in at the back of my head and it was very uncomfortable because I had an odd placement.  I took it out at the end of the night and will place it again with some help.

The feather extensions last about six to eight weeks.  You can wash, blow dry, curl and flat iron your hair with them in.  I’ll update this post and let you know how long mine last.

What do you think, would you put feathers in your hair?  I can’t wait to see how my co-workers react on Monday!

Coupons available on the Feather Extensions for Hair facebook page.



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  • Natalie

    My hairdresser will place them in your hair for $20, including everything. I would love to try them, but would select the brown/black colors for me.

    • That’s right, you were going to put some in for your reunion! You should definitely do that. Just show Rod these pictures and tell him at least you didn’t get pink! 🙂

  • Trish

    I wanna get some cool T3 ones with the texture! And I’m growing my hair out…hopefully with success!

    • Awesome – I think there are several good T3 options!

  • thailand-style

    I like this post about feather hair accessories . Also we recently launched a Thai fashion website called http://www.thailand-style.com.  Through this web site you will find Thai hair accessories, Thai hand bags,,Feather headband and earrings, Thai children’s pants…etc.  You’ll also learn a little more about the country of Thailand.  Feel free to also leave a comment on our blog as well.  Thanks!

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