How To Stop Thinking “I Can’t Do It”

What can’t you do? Do you ever tell yourself “I can’t do it”? I’ve certainly had those moments. Where it just seems too hard or I think I don’t have skills in that area.   Is it really true that I can’t do it?   I say it’s a lie. You know who I think […]

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Tired Of Being Frustrated? Get Over It

The washer is broken, the roof needs replacing, the kids are screaming and you got 3 hours of sleep last night…frustrated? I bet you are. I know the feeling well. Give me 4 minutes by watching and participating in this video and you will experience a measurable decrease in your frustration levels! Stop being that […]

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Strangers At The Door? Let Go Of Your Dislike In This Tap-Along

 (Recorded live on a Periscope) Do you hate when strangers come to the door? Never does this happen more than on Halloween when the trick or treaters are out in force. While the cute kids may not be as bad you may still find it makes you uneasy. Or maybe you turn off all the […]

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