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KonMari Method Clothing Purge

KonMari Method Clothing Purge Recently I’ve been learning about the KonMari method from Marie Kondo’s book: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and from watching her speak on various YouTube videos. I decided to do my own clothing purge as a start to using the KonMari method in my own life. In this video […]

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Product Review: Eco Friendly And Affordable Kitchen Items From Abundant Chef

Eco-friendly and affordable kitchen items are desirable in any kitchen. Abundant Chef has provided a variety of items for us to review. In this article watch two video reviews exploring and using these products. In the first video we will unbox and unwrap the items from AbundantChef.com. This includes a set of 3 bamboo cutting boards, […]

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Easier Family Shopping Tips and Review Of Online Grocery Shopping Sites

As a busy Mom you need easier family shopping. I bet you want to stay out of the store like me. In this video I’ll share options for online grocery shopping and ordering online through Amazon Subscribe and Save, WalMart Delivery, Door To Door Organics, Mile High Organics and InstaCart. Easier Family Shopping Save time by […]

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