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Grow Closer When You Handle A Crisis Together

Would you like to grow closer to your family and friends during a crisis rather than have tension and frustration tearing you apart? Let me share a story with you and show you how to grow closer during your next crisis. Let’s face it, things do happen and it’s best to be prepared. We recently […]

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Which Facebook Feature Can Make You Happier?

 Do you know of a facebook feature that can make you happier? Most of us use facebook every day. We talk to family, read jokes, share photos, watch videos and even do some business. Does is make us happier though? I think often it can just add to our overwhelm, how can we possibly keep up […]

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Holiday Planning – Food, Guests, Decor & More

Holiday Planning – Food, Guests, Decor & More Recently we discussed some holiday tips for Christmas Preparation. Today let’s focus in on Holiday Planning in the areas of Food, holiday decorations, guests and how to have some fun while doing it all. A little holiday planning means less stress and more time to enjoy the […]

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