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Optimize Your Relationships

Luxurious Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I wanted to share this holiday gift guide from Jen at PrettyNeatLiving.com because I really enjoy her videos and I think she put together a great luxurious holiday gift guide. Please check out the video and visit her site!   Happy November, friends!  With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us are thinking about gifts […]

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Mom Dreams: Have you ever wanted to close off a room you just cleaned? This Mom did it!

Moms, you know how it is…you spend hours preparing and cleaning for a holiday or event and then your kids come in and it’s messy again? I bet you’ve wanted to close off a room you just cleaned before. This Mom did! She taped off the living room and left a note for her kids. […]

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Household Arguments – How To Deal

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Whether it’s household arguments with the kids over eating their vegetables or arguing with your significant other about leaving dishes in the sink, disagreements are a natural part of any household. The trick to having a peaceful home, though, is through effectively handling household arguments—not avoiding them. Avoiding arguments is next to impossible, and doing so […]

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Busy Moms Ultimate Guide

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Via healthymomsmagazine.net It’s 2016 and families are busier than ever. Even though we wake up early we still rush to get the kids ready for school in the morning and ourselves ready for work or our daily tasks. The day flies by and before we know it, it’s time to pick the kids up from […]

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Am I doing the right thing for my kids

Am I Doing The Right Thing For My Kids

  Am I doing the right thing for my kids? This is a question we ask ourselves a lot as busy kids. When my stepsons were younger and I was “forcing” them to eat at least a little of two different vegetables each meal and there was a lot of whining and carrying on I wondered if […]

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Are You Afraid You’re Not A Good Mom?

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  You know those moments…the moments of doubt. When your child is mad, sad, angry or frustrated and you feel it. That sure feeling, that you are the worst Mom out there. Everyone else seems to know what to do. Their kids don’t hate them…why is it so hard for you? Why are you not […]

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Unable To Forgive? Learn How To Make It Easier

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Are you unable to forgive? Forgiveness can be hard, whether it is to another person or even yourself? Find a little relief from unable to forgive In this video tap along with me using FasterEFT to release that unable to forgive feeling. What to do: Find an issue or person you are unable to forgive […]

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Love vs Hate (30 Days Of Love)

Have you made a choice? Love vs Hate. Often we don’t consciously make this choice, but we should. I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.  It can be easy to pack away some hate and carry it around with us everywhere we go. […]

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