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Feather Hair Accessories

Have you been hearing a lot about feather hair accessories lately?  Feathers seems to be a popular trend right now.  A headband with feathers or a hair clip or even a feather extension to add to your hair.  Etsy has quite a few options for hair extensions on their site. I particularly like this blue feather […]

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Personal Style: Let Your Leopard Out with a Fun Animal Print

Animal prints have been very popular in the past year.  Have you added any to your wardrobe yet?  Adding one bold, interesting piece can really spice up your personal style.  It’s easy to do this with an animal print top, shoes or bag.  Cheetah, leopard, zebra..they are all fun and available in many colors. In […]

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Why bother with personal style?

What is your personal style?  Do you have one?  Style is what we watch on the celebrities and the red carpet.  It isn’t for us regular folk.   Do you often feel it is takes too long to pick out an outfit in the morning?  Not to mention adding accessories and doing your hair right. […]

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Love to go barefoot? Check out barefoot shoes

Do you love to be barefoot?  I am the type to never have shoes on in the house and walking outside on the grass in the summer is heaven.  When do you go barefoot?  What if you could be outside in barefoot shoes? Earlier this year I bought a pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes. […]

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Be Your Best Dressed with Dressing Your Truth

Recently I came across the Dressing Your Truth program when they featured Robin Openshaw from Green Smoothie Girl.  The creator of this program, Carol Tuttle, has identified 4 Engery Type Categories that we fall into based on physical features, behavior tendencies and body language.  Based on your type Carol teaches you to be your best […]

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