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Complete a Daily Challenge To Build A Daily Happiness Habit [Part 3]

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Why complete a daily challenge? When you challenge yourself in any area of your life, you wind up growing. This is a key habit to cultivate to build a daily happiness habit. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone If you stick to just what you currently know with you just do the things you understand you excellent at, you […]

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Can You Use Visualization To Bring More Happiness?

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Photo Credit: Anna Omelchenko/123RF Calgon, take me away. It immediately brings up a visualization of a relaxing bath and feeling of peace and calm. When you use visualization to bring more happiness you put yourself there, see yourself in the image, feel those feelings and hear what is happening around you. Imagine the kids are fighting and […]

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Essential Oil Bracelet Product Review

Have you considered an Essential Oil Bracelet to enjoy aromatherapy all day long? How long do your essential oils last when you put them on your skin? For me it is pretty strong initially, but after 8-12 hours the scent is pretty faint. Now, with a topical application you are getting great benefits when you […]

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What did you do for yourself today?

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Live And Love All Out (30 Days Of Love)

I bet many of you have heard and seen this quote, just as I have in many places. I actually have it on my office mug and have for over 6 years. I like to see this quote often and be reminded to live and love all out. Most of us tend to be a bit […]

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Love Your Home (30 Days Of Love)

Does your home feel like your own personal sanctuary? Maybe yes, maybe no or maybe you find some rooms feel that way but others don’t. If that is the case you may enjoy today’s article where we are going to talk about ways to love your home. I want my home to be a sanctuary […]

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Designing A Collaborative Work Environment

To make the best of a difficult situation, in 2012, I took up the challenge to design a collaborative work environment at a new location we were moving to. My small company of 45 people was purchased by a much larger company in 2011. They planned to move us to a combined location with other […]

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Set Your Mindset For Success For The Coming Year

Have you set your mindset for success? I bet you are setting new goals and making plans for the coming year. I know I am. I have a lot I want to accomplish. In order to accomplish these dreams setting your mindset for success is key. What Is A Mindset For Success? The key to […]

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