Easy Family Shopping

As a busy Mom you need easier family shopping. I bet you want to stay out of the store like me. In this video I’ll share options for online grocery shopping and ordering online through Amazon Subscribe and Save, WalMart Delivery, Door To Door Organics, Mile High Organics and InstaCart.

Easier Family Shopping

Save time by shopping online. What are the ups and downs for online grocery shopping and who you should use when.

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How to stop worrying about that big snowstorm that is on the way

How To Stop Worrying About That Big SnowStorm On The Way. Is there one on the way to you right now? They love to talk up the projected snow totals on TV and the radio. The media is great about trying to strike fear into our hearts.

Don’t let the weather control you

In this video we will use FasterEFT to let go of the memories and feelings associated with snowstorms. What might you be holding on to?

  • Fear of being stuck ont he roads
  • Fear of no heat
  • Fear of no electricity
  • Worried about not having enough food
  • Worried about not having enough water
  • Worries about animals outside
  • Worried about damage from the storm
  • Afraid of unsafe driving conditions
  • Memories of being stuck in the snow
  • Memories of being really cold
  • Memories of being scared while driving in a snowstorm

These are just a few things you may associate with a big snowstorm on the way that could bother you.

Once you let go of the emotion behind hating or being scared of snowstorms (or any of the other things mentioned above) it will make them no big deal. You will easily be able to prepare and handle the next time a big snowstorm is on the way.

The stress response to a snowstorm or any other issue isn’t good for your body. It’s much better to just let it go and FasterEFT makes that easy.

Watch the video and tap along to easy your big snowstorm stress.

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Get More Done Without Focusing On Productivity

For the last few years I wanted to get more done. I focused on being productive so that I could have a balanced, happy life. With so much to juggle on a daily basis I thought the only have to have balance was focusing on using my time in a more productive way. This focus […]

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Taking Essential Oils On The Go

Taking essential oils on the go, In this video I’ll show you how I take essential oils with me everywhere. Essential oils usually come in 5 mL and 15 mL bottles. They are small and easy to take with you. However, if you want to take several bottles of different kinds of essential oil it […]

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