Be Your Best Dressed with Dressing Your Truth

Be Your Best Dressed with Dressing Your Truth

by Lori

Recently I came across the Dressing Your Truth program when they featured Robin Openshaw from Green Smoothie Girl.  The creator of this program, Carol Tuttle, has identified 4 Engery Type Categories that we fall into based on physical features, behavior tendencies and body language.  Based on your type Carol teaches you to be your best dressed.

I was intrigued and wanted to learn my type.  I signed up for the profiling system and determined I was a Type 4, Carbon/Earth Energy.

I continued to read Carol's blog posts at and listen to the podcasts of her weekly radio show.  I wanted to do the entire Dressing Your Truth program to learn how a Type 4 would dress but didn't want to spend the money until after the holidays (this was October). A few weeks later I found I didn't want to purchase any clothing until I learned the program, so as not to waste my money on the wrong items.

So I purchased the Dressing Your Truth course.  Amazingly, the universe brought me the money to pay for the course.  Later that same week I held a “Gold party” at my house and sold some old Gold Jewelry.  The proceeds covered the cost of the program.


There is a wealth of information provided by Carol and her team and it continues to grow every month.  I soaked it all in and am working on putting it into practice.  The things I have learned make shopping so easy.  I have a clear direction of what supports my nature and am moving towards supporting that nature in the face I put forth to others via my outward appearance.


There is a course for each energy type that will give you several style guidelines for your type.  The program gives hair, makeup, and jewelry advice along with style, color, and pattern guidelines.

Dressing Your Truth has opened my eyes to choices: colors, styles, and patterns I would not have tried previously.  In learning this program I find I've generally been very true to my nature internally, just not externally.  Do I feel I am my best dressed when I dress true to my type?  Absolutely!

Note:  I donated my hair pre-DYT and plan to grow it out again to donate it.  I did darken the color post-DYT though.


Six months later I am still a DYT devotee. I feel my best wearing my Type 4 style.  I continue to try new things I would not have been open to before  (Did you see my Leopard post?).  I often was just tired of the effort before and just wore what was comfortable and easy with little to no jewelry.  Now I know the steps to looking good, and it's still easy!! .

What questions to you have about Dressing Your Truth?  I am thrilled to share my experience with you and help you start on your path to Dressing Your Truth.

I seek to love and enjoy life, not just for a moment but the whole journey. My mission is to help you love and enjoy life too.

I’ve been stressed out, burned out, and hopeless and I clawed my way out of that place and now have the life I always wanted.

I see other busy women (like you) living the same busy pattern and my goal is to guide you on the path to enjoying and loving life.

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  • Clair

    Darn!  I was hoping to find out that you were able to manage to dress to your type without the expensive course!  I too am a type 4 and just not at the point that I can/want to spend that much money right now.  🙁

    • Clair,

      Carol usually has a pretty good sale during Christmas so I would watch for that. The course is definitely worth the cost I can tell you that after Dressing My Truth for over a year. There is so much content available and more added almost every month. Hopefully you’ve started with one of Carol Tuttle’s books until you are able to get the course. The insights you get into yourself and others in understanding the different energies is amazing and very helpful.

  • Sandra Goad

    I am just begining my DYT 4 journey.  I have very short hair, going gray (which the gray does not bother me and I do not want to color) but don’t know what to do with my hair while letting it grow back to chin bob length.  Any suggestions?

    • Sandra, Have you looked through the T4 photos in your DYT course area? There are a lot of photos. If nothing there strikes your fancy (for an in-between style) I’d check with the DYT Type 4 Facebook group.
      I’ve grown my hair out from really short a few times and it can be a frustrating time. If you like hats it might be a great time to experiment with them. I would also suggest getting it trimmed often to make sure it retains a style while it grows out.

  • Okay, I am looking into this course. I am not sure, but I suspect I am a Type 4. However, ALL the photos I’ve seen have straight short hair. I have long hair (and almost want it longer) and very unruly curls/waves. It curls around my ears and forehead, although I often have it pinned up in a bun, it will not slick straight (nor do I want to spend hours straightening it). Before I invest in this program, is there room for curly hair?

    • Andrea – there are definitely photos of T4s with curls. I know I’ve seen some and know T4 ladies who have curly hair. The t4 curl is generally more structured. I am working on encouraging my curl as my hair gets longer (that is when it starts to get wavy for me).

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