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How To Truly Believe: I Approve Of Myself Even As I Get Better

FREE 10 Day Challenge To Quiet The Inner Critic!

Start Believing It: I Approve Of Myself Even As I Get Better

If you say to yourself “I approve of myself”, how does that feel?  If it feels wrong or uncomfortable or downright bad, run don't walk…ok, just scroll to the bottom of the page and join my free challenge to start adopting this belief.

Why I approve of myself

If we don't allow ourselves this self-approval that means we are just being harsh and criticizing ourselves doesn't it? I bet you are doing the best you can aren't you? Would you tell someone else in your shoes that they aren't worthy of that approval? I didn't think so.

Join the challenge here to learn how to adopt this positive belief and speak to yourself in a better way!

Learning to speak to yourself in a positive, encouraging way makes it easier to reach your goals and love your life. Start today!

Sometimes we don't think we are worthy of approval until we meet a certain goal. I won't approve of myself until I lose 20 pounds or get a raise or get married. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Who is making those rules? Oh yeah, us…it's time to stop it. You are good enough right now, just as you are…embrace it! “I approve of myself, even as I'm getting better”. This means now or in the future, I approve of myself, no matter what. Do you want to feel that way?

Join the challenge!

Free Stop The Inner Critic 10 Day Challenge

Join now to quiet that critic easily!

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