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Healthier Dinner With 1 Easy Change

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons 2.0, SliceOfChic Healthier Dinner With 1 Easy Change  A healthier dinner is obtainable. Small steps will make it easier. Today we will start with 1 easy change: starting dinner with a salad.  Benefits of starting dinner with a salad It’s quick and easy to make Consume more vegetables during dinner. […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Next Family Dinner Special

The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Next Family Dinner Special The family dinner table is the perfect place to connect with your family. Dinner is a sacred time for families where everyone can be together while you eat. In this article we will cover ways to make dinner special, what to talk about and the […]

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Dinner Recipes: Cheeseburger Pie

A popular dinner recipe from when I was growing up is being featured on Great Expectations. This is a kid-friendly comfort food type of dish: Cheeseburger Pie.  See the recipe here. Along with the recipe I give tips for modifications and making the recipe healthier. (Back in the 70s most recipes didn’t consider nutrition). Also […]

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Quality Time At The Family Dinner Table

Want more quality time with your family? Are you feeling disconnected? Do you feel like you don’t know what is going on with you kids or spouse?   How do you even start to change this, to get the family working as a unit again? The dinner table is a great place to start.  Push that […]

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Dinner Tonight: Beef Taco Bake

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight?  Meals that can be made from leftover ingredients are a hit with busy moms.   What about a Beef Taco Bake.  A recipe is given below.  More can be found at Food.com. Casseroles are a great dinner option.  They generally involve a little preparation followed by some baking […]

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Five Healthy Family Meals (That Taste Great)

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We’ve all been there: Life gets busy and the hours in the day go by in a blur. You want to feed your family well, but you have no time to spend hours in the kitchen. How are you going to serve healthy family meals and avoid bringing home fast food for dinner? Luckily, you’ve got […]

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Busy Moms Ultimate Guide

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Via healthymomsmagazine.net It’s 2016 and families are busier than ever. Even though we wake up early we still rush to get the kids ready for school in the morning and ourselves ready for work or our daily tasks. The day flies by and before we know it, it’s time to pick the kids up from […]

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Complete a Daily Challenge To Build A Daily Happiness Habit [Part 3]

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Why complete a daily challenge? When you challenge yourself in any area of your life, you wind up growing. This is a key habit to cultivate to build a daily happiness habit. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone If you stick to just what you currently know with you just do the things you understand you excellent at, you […]

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