10 Tricks To Drink More Water

10 Tricks To Drink More Water

by Lori

10 Tricks To Drink More Water

Drink more water to flush toxins from your body.  Water is great for your health. A lot of water in your system leaves your skin looking great and helps to keep your body healthy. It can seem difficult to drink water sometimes, today's post is all about tricks to drink more water during the day.

Start the day off right

  • Drink water immediately upon waking up – Start your morning off with a large amount of water to get things moving.  

Make your water taste better

  • FlavoringFlavor your water to make it more enticing. Essential oils that are safe to ingest are what I use. Peppermint and lemon are my favorites.  Fruit is a great option as well. Slices of lemon, lime or orange are fun and add great flavor. 
  • Filter it first – Filtered water tastes better and removed impurities. No need to buy special water, simply get a pitcher that filters. We have a system that filters all of our tap water. Many refrigerators with water dispensers have filters as well.
  • Use a glass container – Water from a glass tastes better. It is also more attractive. Entice yourself to drink more by using a special glass.

Track your progress

  • Use rubber bands – To drink 8 glasses of water, slip 8 rubber bands around the bottle. Each time you finish a glass remove one band. This way you can see your progress as the bands dwindle.
  • Fill containers to see your progress – Another great way to see how far you are progressing is to fill all of your water bottles in the morning.  To drink 6 liters, fill up enough bottles for that much. Then as you drink the water your progress will be obvious with the fewer bottles.
  • Keep track – Track how much water you are drinking in a journal, an app or an online program. iTunes has an interesting app called Waterlogged that does this and has a lot of great reviews.

Use reminders

  • Be prepared – Have the water with you at all times. Bring it in the car, take it to a meeting. If it is right in front of you, you will be more likely to drink it.
  • Keep a schedule – Schedule reminders on your phone or the app you are using to keep track of how much you are drinking.
  • Check in with a friend – Resolve to drink more water with a friend. Check in with each other daily for support.

Share your tips for drinking more water in the comments below.

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  • Diane Lebow

    Great tips that I must start using right away! I really don’t drink enough water throughout the day and it is so important. Especially love the idea of setting reminders to drink!

  • P32online

    So true. You can think you are hungry, but really thirsty. I use your tip and fill a 32 oz. container and make sure it is empty twice a day. Thanks for sharing these great tips. 

    • You’re welcome and way to go on consuming a good amount of water each day!

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