Loving Yourself Is As Important As Loving Everyone Else

Anita Moorjani returned from a Near Death Experience with this message. See and listen to her talk a bit about her experience in the TEDx video below.

I recently heard Anita’s story live at the I Can Do It Denver Conference put on by Hay House. Her story is very powerful and I highly recommend reading her book, Dying To Be Me

Many of us struggle with loving ourselves, we put everyone else first or we constantly think we aren’t good enough just as we are. How many of us aren’t happy with our current weight or we judge every wrinkle that appears?

Anita’s message tells us how important it is to just be ourselves. We all have an important place and role for this lifetime. When we try to be something we aren’t we are throwing away our purpose in this life. We then bring dis-ease into our lives.

5 Biggest Lessons*:

  1. The biggest thing we have to focus on is love
  2. Live life fearlessly
  3. Humor and laughter and joy
  4. Life is a gift
  5. Always be yourself and embrace your uniqueness

*These are Anita’s lessons as given in the video above.

Interested in reading Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani?

 978 1 4019 4067 6 Healing Your Life With Love (30 Days Of Love) Healing Your Life With Love (30 Days Of Love) 

Click the image above to buy the book or purchase the audiobook from Audible.

Share your thoughts about Anita’s message and Healing Your Life With Love in the comments? 

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